Consulting and Other
Value Added Services

We are Pro-Active!

We do not wait for legal crises to occur; instead we help our clients to develop a sound legal strategy. Here are some of our value-added consulting services:

  • Establish governance policies and frameworks;
  • Establish the client’s legal strategy;
  • Establish crisis communication structures;
  • Facilitating co-ordination with external parties;
  • Facilitating crisis management strategies;
  • Establishing monitoring and reporting frameworks; and
  • Providing on-going business legal advice.

Managing Risks – Protecting our work & your interests

*PM Inc. Attorneys incorporates risk management into all its file management and methodologies.

This is supported by a number of tools used both pre-contract and post contract to allow the issues to be highlighted and addressed.

*The Director/s or handler of the matter will at all times be on the look-out for any deviation from the baseline reference points. Any factors that are identified as possible risk factors will be highlighted.

These risk factors are entered into a file risk register, which is updated periodically and reviewed with the management team from both sides (PM Inc. Attorneys and the client). The risks may be addressed by specific actions to mitigate or by assigning contingency (time, money or both). This must be included in the files schedules and financial reports for the internal monthly reviews.

Risk management is taken very serious. If possible, PM Inc. Attorneys encourages a joint risk register with its clients. The register is reviewed monthly and both parties take responsibility to jointly manage the identified risks and their associated contingencies.

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